Tuesday, September 13, 2005

BTM Merchant Relocation

The Daily News is reporting today that the merchants at the BTM are exploring the site of the Skate Key roller rink as a possible relocation venue for the market. The site works from an accessibility standpoint, only a few blocks south of the current market and right down the street from the 138th Street Bridge. It would also enable the merchants to all relocate in the same spot, a requisite for their ability survive in a one stop shopping environment.

The key stumbling block of course is money. As we have reported, the city has been resistant to any effort at funding the relocation effort. EDC in particular has gone out of its way to disclaim responsibility for the fate of the market in spite of the fact that it is this agency that allowed the market tenants to be evicted and has greased the Related Companies development effort. We remain, as always, skeptical of the city's honorable intentions here.