Thursday, September 15, 2005

BJ's to eVACCAuAte

With the primary win by Jimmy Vacca on Tuesday in the race to replace Councilmember Madeline Provenzano in the East Bronx it appears that the Related Companies will have a hard time in the effort to resurrect the BJ's application for the site on Brush Avenue.

The application was resubmitted by Related because the company, when they saw the handwriting on the wall last February, withdrew it rather than face certain defeat in the Council. This withdrawal made it permissible to bring the proposal back without prejudice.

In our discussion with Jimmy Vacca today, however, he reiterated his strong opposition to the box store and responded to us by saying, "Why on earth did they do that?" Our response was that Related must have been anticipating a victory by Steve Kaufman.

The Vacca primary victory will galvanize all of the labor forces that were place holding with their support of Brother McManus, a fellow union member. There will undoubtedly be a full mobilization since the Throggs Neck-Morris Park district can mount a serious challenge from Republican Phil Foglia in November.

With a Vacca victory in November the Brush Avenue site will be facing the opposition of both local councilmembers since Annabel Palma who represents the contiguous area of Soundview, led the successful opposition to BJ's last winter.