Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sic Transit Gloria

We were heartened to hear that Leader-in-Waiting Smith had set up his transition team; it certainly makes sense to try to project an air of inevitability into what really is an unstable, and unpredictable situation: "Despite the fact that he's still trying to nail down the majority leader post, current Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith is steaming ahead with his plans to take control of the chamber come January. To wit: He just named the following members of his transition team..."

What strikes us most about the assembled crew of transitioners is that it appears they appear to be selected, in almost a caricature of Democratic governance, for their racial and geographic balance. Missing, in our view, are some serious folks who can analyze the depth of the crisis we're in; and, as a result, offer some creative solutions. No think outside the boxers for Malcolm.

But if we're really going to get a handle on the fiscal meltdown-and its budgetary implications-we are going to need to bring some unconventional thinkers to the task; instead of doing that, Smith has opted for a political roster that creates the impression of orthodoxy that lulls the faint of heart into somnambulance. That is, all except for our good buddy Sheinkoff, someone who never lulled anyone.

That being said, it might make more sense to actually assemble the 32 votes needed before assembling the drapery for the office of senate leader. And, we might also inquire; what will this transition assemblage really be working on? There doesn't appear to be an idea man or woman in the bunch.