Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dissension Shoe on the Other Foot?

According to an item in the Ithaca Journal (via Azi), Malcolm Smith might not be the only one experiencing internecine sniping. It appears that the name of Senator Tom Libous has emerged in the discussion of the ongoing leadership fight. The story, written before Monserrate defected, tells us:

"That would mean that the “gang of four,” as this quartet immediately became known, could hold the balance of power between the two parties. Conceivably, they could all cast their ballots for the current Republican majority leader, Dean Skelos, to remain in the top job next year...One story going around is that if the group does decide to flip to the Republicans at some point, they would require the GOP to dump Skelos, who has been feuding with Paterson, in favor of Thomas Libous of Binghamton, now No. 2 on the GOP food chain and better liked by Democrats."

So, all of those who enjoy chaos should be really happy-especially if both conferences get embroiled in leadership struggles. The more this happens, the greater the leverage held by the dissenters from Smith's coronation.