Friday, November 28, 2008

Lobbying Puzzle

Capitol Confidential is musing about the difficulties faced by lobbyists since the leadership issue in the state senate remains up in the air: "But given the uncertainty of the leadership vote in January, who do you lobby, Democrats or Republicans? The Senate GOP is doing everything it can to entice a Democrat to defect, but is quietly preparing to be in the minority. The Democrats are convinced that they will be in the majority in January, but nothing is for certain until the leadership vote is taken January 7."

But given the closeness of the partisan divide, the lobbying challenge will be to woo as much bipartisan support as possible-regardless of which party assumes control, so the following observation is, perhaps, a bit off the mark: "But lobbyists must play a bit of diplomacy until January, even if it seems to be headed into Democratic leadership. “You have to treat both of them like they are in the majority. Suspend disbelief that this could continue this way,” said the source."

One needs to wait and see, not only who's in charge, but how the structure of power is arranged-given all the discussions of reform-from both parties. Undoubtedly, it will take some time for all of this to shake out-even after a leader is finally chosen.