Monday, November 10, 2008

Fencing With Diaz

As Liz tells us, Senator Ruben Diaz is giving an inch: "So far, the Gang of Three is hanging tough.
Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. released a statement this morning intended to "clear the air and avoid any misunderstandings" in which he declared he remains undecided on the Senate leadership question and doesn't plan any announcements until after he meets with his fellow gang members tomorrow."

The hang up? As we have been saying, the gay rights issue is paramount for Diaz, as he underscores in the press release issued this morning: "I have not committed myself to anybody, and my position as an ordained minister and a pastor will not allow me to support any would be leader that will bring gay marriage to the Senate floor." And Diaz wonders why this makes him into a bad Democrat.

As Azi points out: "In our conversation, Diaz tried to paint himself as an independent, principled Democrat, not unlike Democratic State Senate Leader, Malcolm Smith, who Diaz remembered breaking with the party during the 2005 mayoral election. “They didn’t call Malcolm Smith a Republican when he crossed Freddy Ferrer and endorsed Michael Bloomberg for re-election,” Diaz said."