Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Keep Digging

According to Liz B, the efforts by Malcolm Smith, and to a somewhat lesser extent Governor Paterson, to inveigle the independent Dem senators to come home to momma, could use a little bit more finesse; particularly when it comes to the sensibilities of Ruben Diaz: "Gov. David Paterson and Sen. Thomas Duane didn't help Malcolm Smith's bid for majority leader with their recent attacks on members of the so-called Gang of Three. One top Senate Democrat told DN Bureau Chief Ken Lovett that Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. had been ready to commit to Smith before hearing that Duane had called him a "bully" earlier this week during an interview with the DP."

And, of course, Paterson exacerbated the situation with his comments yesterday: "Things got even messier when Paterson later that day ripped into the Gang of Three, saying their refusal to commit to a leader is due to "selfishness." Just what David needed when he's being shot at from all sides.

So as of now, with Padavan/Gennaro hanging by a thread, Diaz and the to other senators are still the three amigos. As Diaz told Liz: " would not break my commitment (with Kruger and Espada). It's solid. I will stand solid with them until(we) three decide what we're going to do. The vote will be in January."