Friday, October 28, 2005

NY Times Poll

One of the most interesting things about he NY Times/CBS poll released today is the 15% Undecided total. With the level of mayoral spending and the election looming two weeks away it is remarkable to find that large a group of voters who still are unsure of what they will do.

This large number of undecideds may very well mean that (yes we know that the undecideds tend to break towards the challenger) a great many voters are in fact saturated out by the Bloomberg ad blitz. It could also mean that those voters on the right don't see the need to vote defensively for the mayor since it appears that Freddy isn't even in the ballgame. Oh yes, the mayor is only at 52% in the Times survey.

One question we'd love to see answered is just how the mayor, who was running 13 points behind Ferrer in a putative matchup this past spring, got so far ahead. Where did all this post West Side stadium debacle enlightenment come from? (to "greatness" no less).