Friday, October 28, 2005

New York Post Raises the Right Questions About Bloomberg

As expected the NY Post endorses the mayor today but does so with the kind of caveats that have also been raised elsewhere by others (including us). In particular the paper points out that the mayor's great failing has been in not tackling the inefficiency of the delivery of services or recognize the need to rein in the size of government in general.

But, as the Post points out, the city faces a $4.5 billion deficit and asks, "Will Mike raise taxes again?" In the interview with the editorial board Bloomberg had pledged that he wouldn't but it is the same promise he broke four years ago. When asked what the alternative to higher taxes was he replied he'd "do more with less."

Just how he would is of course unanswered since he has never even broached this subject in his first four years (aside from closing fire houses). And, as the Post asks, “But if he can do [“more with less”] next year, why not now? Is the city being run inefficiently?"

Our view is that he really has no idea since his view of government doesn't seem to include any concern about waste or any concept of intrapreneurism. If faced with a crisis he's going to have to wing it a little and, as we've already pointed out, his popularity will be prove to be extremely shallow and unable to withstand such a calamity.