Friday, October 14, 2005

New Jersey and Eminent Domain

A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University shows that people in New Jersey are quite attuned to the eminent domain issue and believe that it’s only acceptable in a few cases where the public good is obviously served. For example, according to the poll most Garden State residents (88%) feel it’s appropriate to take vacant buildings for a school but believe it’s unacceptable to take homes for a shopping center (4% support). Only 1 in 3 polled consider taking one’s business for the purpose of creating new business a suitable use of eminent domain.

We believe that Quinnipiac, Marist and Pace should be conducting similar polls in New York City to gauge the public’s feeling on this hot-button topic. We also believe that the merchants at Willet’s Point should pay special attention to the issue now that the Mayor, in his most recent policy pronouncement, has committed to rapidly redeveloping this "collection of auto body repair shops and salvage yards."