Monday, October 03, 2005

Ferrer: Mayor Misled on Terminal Market Deal

There is an interesting story today in Metro today about Ferrer’s attack of the Mayor’s proclivity for publicly-funding new stadiums. Most of the focus is on the failed West Side Stadium attempt but towards the end the Democratic nominee makes an interesting comment about the Bronx Terminal Market. After criticizing the public monies being offered to both the Mets and Yankees, Ferrer mentions the public sweetheart deal between the City and the Related Companies:

The mayor said two years ago [the market] is strictly a private deal, and it turns out not to have been true – it’s not private at all. The mayor’s got to answer for why he misled New Yorkers.
We're glad Freddy is starting to point this out and hope he presses the mayor about why the city, at the expense of minority small businesses and NYC taxpayers, is being so generous to a developer friend of the Deputy Mayor.