Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slush Puppies

According to the NY Post, the city council is running through money again-this time for lawyers to advise members and staff about their legal exposure from the slush fund controversy; and just where is the investigation that necessitates so much expensive advice? As the Post points out: "The City Council is quickly running through taxpayer money paid to two top-of-the-line law firms and a high-profile attorney hired to advise and represent members and staffers snagged in a slush-fund probe - and has even quietly signed another firm, The Post has learned.
White-collar crime specialist Steptoe & Johnson so far has been paid $122,173. A $95,000 retainer for the firm Sullivan & Cromwell already has been depleted. And ex-federal prosecutor Lee Richards, who charges $600 an hour, has been hired as personal criminal defense lawyer for Council Speaker Christine Quinn."

Whew! Self inflicted wounds paid for by the innocent tax payers; and no investigation in sight. The real question here, is how much of the slush is gonna be gone with the budget crisis upon us. And with many of these allocations, it's not really about criminality, but more about unnecessary; the cutting board should be awash with the blood of these tax payer drains.