Friday, December 12, 2008

Carrion: Dead Meat Spoils in D.C.

We haven't commented on the possible ascension of Adolfo Carrion to a post in the Obama administration because, well, we have so many mixed feelings. It reminds us of the humorous definition of mixed feelings: watching your mother-in-law going over a cliff in your brand new Caddy. Put simply: nothing so becomes Adolfo as his leaving.

At the same time, we're in synch with critics of the BP-particularly Tom Robbins of the Village Voice, who pens a satiric endorsement of AC's move to D.C.We really like Tom's first rationale: "1. A team player: Specifically, for the Yankees. When a bunch of spoilsport members of the local community board objected a couple years ago to giving the richest team in baseball a public park and a few hundred million bucks to build a brand new stadium in his borough, Carrion quickly purged them from the board."

Our buddy Andy Wolf picks up on the community board/Yankee theme: "Bronx Community Board 4 has in recent days become among the best known of the city's 62 community boards. This is the board that voted against the plan to build the new Yankee Stadium. These boards only have advisory power. But having the weight of these "official" representatives of the local neighborhoods behind a project can influence the higher officials who really make the decisions. Tonight, at Bronx Lebanon Hospital on the Grand Concourse, the board will hold its final meeting before old terms expire and new ones begin. Fireworks are expected. The board that will be in place next week will look quite different from the one that will meet tonight. Members of the board who ignored the wishes of the Bronx president, Adolfo Carrion, have been removed, and new, presumably more pliable members will take their place."

And then there's Adolfo's betrayal of the merchants-many of whom were Hispanic-in the old Bronx Terminal market. As Robbins highlights: "5. Gets the big picture: When Bloomberg's development czar Dan Doctoroff announced he wanted to boot 23 long-time merchants and their 1,500 employees from the Bronx Terminal Market to make way for a mega-mall built by Doctoroff's best pal, Steve Ross of Related, Carrion got right on board. His office was supposed to find a new home for the market somewhere in his borough (which boasts the largest amount of vacant industrial space in the city). This didn't happen, but no biggie. They relocated themselves, spread around the city."

Adolfo Carrion simply doesn't have the requisite stature to be given any high cabinet position by the Obama team. Even the addition by subtraction that New York would benefit from, isn't a sufficient reason for supporting his undeserved elevation.