Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bloomberg and Wolfson: Perfect Together

John Riley's take on the Wolfson hire for the Bloomberg coronation bid is spot on: "Mayor Bloomberg, who once lied and promised not to overturn term limits and run for a third term, picks the perfect spokesman for his campaign for a third term: Howard Wolfson, Mr. Credibility himself, who did such a great job persuading everyone that Hillary actually won the popular vote, that she told something resembling the truth about those snipers at Tuzla, that she wasn't really for the war in Iraq even though she voted to authorize it, and that she was absolutely entitled to the benefit of a double standard on having debates and disclosing her taxes."

Spin Cycle takes on Spin Doctor We can't wait for the iron cage rematch; and we love how Howard responded to the reminder about all of the unflattering things he once said about Mike Bloomberg-out of touch billionaire was our favorite: "And, of course, he thinks Bloomberg is just marvelous. He's asked about having once called Bloomberg an "out of touch billionaire," and says, "That was my evil twin." The one who tells the truth?"

But the real story here just might be that Bloomberg is looking to reapply for membership in the Democratic primary. As the NY Daily News reports this morning: "The Wolfson addition also fuels speculation that Bloomberg, who is an independent, will run as a Democrat. "It would not surprise me if Bloomberg is polling at the moment to see if he could win a Democratic primary," said political consultant George Arzt, who described Wolfson as a "no-nonsense, brass-knuckles guy."

We can't wait to see how he tries to pull that one off-and who among the Democratic county leaders would allow him to pull this Wilson/Pakula gambit. Which is another reason why the governor should shy away from appointing Caroline-another faux Democrat who could join the mayor and run as a tandem on the Patrician Party banner.