Thursday, December 04, 2008

End Game in Albany?

According to Liz B, the Gang of Three is meeting today with Malcolm Smith to discuss a set of reform proposals-as well as some less celestial things, no doubt: "A source close to the Gang of Three confirms its ringleader, Sen. Carl Kruger, is meeting at this very moment with Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith at 250 Broadway in an attempt to hammer out a deal that would end the leadership stalemate that frozen the chamber since Election Day."

The meeting has, of course, generated speculation that a deal might be in the offing: "A Democratic source said Smith is hopeful that the framework of an agreement could be reached and announced today. But the Gang of Three source cautioned it might be a little early for Smith and his supporters to start celebrating. "This is just a continuing discussion," the source said. "I don't think they're ready to make a deal. It really needs to be vetted properly and put into writing."

The parameters of any deal would have to be properly vetted, and there's no indication that the rebels are eager to shut this down immediately. But with the Padavan race looking as if it would be concluded-and Padavan certified sooner rather than later-the pressure is on Smith to get this done.

If he's unable to come to any agreement, than his vulnerability increases the longer the situation drags out. The longer the delay, however, the better looking the rebels get-and the more their leverage is enhanced.