Friday, October 10, 2008

No Limit to His Entitlement

As the NY Times is reporting today, the mayor-whose unlimited wealth, unlike the fortunes of us mortals, is unfazed by the economic meltdown-is not planning to limit his campaign spending to any arbitrary campaign finance guideline: "Even as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and his advisers await a City Council vote on a measure that would allow him to seek a third term, they are mapping out an aggressive re-election strategy that involves spending $80 million or more, according to people involved in the discussions." Droit de seigneur, indeed!

Of the estimated expenditure-and the number could reach $100 million-at least twenty would be spent in negative attacks against Congressman Anthony Weiner, the expected candidate who anonymous Bloomberg operatives feel lacks executive experience-probably in direct proportion to the mayor's lack of humility: "Mr. Bloomberg’s advisers say that they have turned their attention increasingly in recent weeks to Mr. Weiner as a likely opponent. And they are clearly relishing the prospect of a matchup against someone Mr. Bloomberg is said to dislike, and who Bloomberg supporters say has no executive experience."

But why so much if Mike Bloomberg's so popular, and has an exemplary eight year record? "But his advisers, in interviews this week, said the mayor had no intention of limiting his spending. Indeed, they said he would spend whatever was necessary to proclaim his credentials and experience — especially in a time of financial unrest — and undo any damage his reputation suffered as a result of undoing the term limits restrictions."

This entire Times piece is a plant, part of the Bloomberg PR juggernaut that is designed to intimidate, and create a Bush-like shock and awe. It is another variant of the hubris we spoke about, and in a more just world would be a feature of the mayor's inevitable self destruction. Let's see if the idea, "no justice, no peace," comes to fruition in the weeks and months ahead.