Monday, October 27, 2008

Al "Slim Shady" Sharpton

Al Sharpton, aptly labeled "Slim Shady" by Curtis Sliwa, has finally surfaced after a long hiatus-and, of course, he's back in his old victimology with a perp who claims that he was assaulted by the police. As the NY Times reports: "As a 24-year-old man who has accused the police of sodomizing him at a subway station in Brooklyn spent another day in the hospital on Saturday, a law enforcement official provided a fuller picture of the injuries the man sustained during the altercation. The man, Michael Mineo, is attached to a tube draining fluid from his abdomen, one of his lawyers said. He was visited at the hospital by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who had spoken about Mr. Mineo’s allegations on his radio program earlier Saturday."

Now we don't know what happened to Mr. Mineo-and the fact that he has a long arrest record should give us some caution here-but we do know that Slim Shady has been incognito for the past four weeks while the city has been roiled in the term limits controversy. And we do know that the voters of this city have been gang violated by a billionaire mayor and some of his political lackeys while apparently Big Al has been on some kind of religious retreat.

Someone should be investigating all of the communications between the Bloomberg gang and the NAN. So it looks as if Rev. Al can stand up for this Mineo character, but not the citizens of New York. Isn't this just the kind of thing that Sharpton would salivate for in the past? And with an African American mayoral candidate waiting in the wings. Imagine if Rudy was still mayor and tried to grab a third term in this way.

And why is it that the NY Times, with its team of reporters, couldn't uncover the last despicable act that Mineo was charged with? The NY Post certainly did: "But the mother of two teens - victims of an April gang assault in which Mineo is charged - said he got what he deserved.
"If the cops snapped off that radio antenna up his ass, I wouldn't give a f- - - about that," said Laura Boston. Her sons Gerald, 16, and Elijah, 14, were allegedly beaten by Mineo and four others in the Downtown Brooklyn tattoo parlor where he works. "My son has dentures because of that man." "Five guys beat up my sons, so it's right that it took five cops to beat him up. I don't wish him any harm or anything, but God don't like ugly. You get what you give, you know."

The Times did find room for this from one of Mineo's attorneys: "Mr. Mineo’s lawyer, Mr. Mosley, said that too much attention was being paid to his client’s past, which includes at least five arrests. “These police officers didn’t have his rap sheet when they tackled him,” he said."

So as we return to the Sharpton three ring circus, remember this New Yorkism-"Not for Nothing." It's a great New York phrase; and Slim Shady, the master of the kickback, ain't working for free on behalf of Mineo. Just as he isn't, in the great tradition of the farm subsidy, not getting paid for refraining from plowing the term limits fields.