Friday, October 10, 2008

Newsday Challenges Pravda

Ever since the mayor unveiled his third term plan, the editorial chorus has been remarkable, well, Pravda like-with all three local papers supporting the mayor in the shrillest, fear mongering, falsetto tones. Now, however, another saner editorial voice (via Liz) on the matter comes from Newsday: "If the situation were any other - if there were no law limiting a mayor to two terms - we would likely want to see him serve again. In fact, this page has a long history of opposing term limits on principle. But we object to the process here. In seeking to force through a shot at another four years in office, Bloomberg is showing his autocratic side - and it is not at all flattering."

And as Newsday tells it, it appears that Jack Newfield's old book has become prophetic-City for Sale: "As opposition to a third term mounts, Bloomberg - imperiously and very publicly - has sought support from cosmetics heir and term-limit champion Ron Lauder. Because Lauder bankrolled the 1990s term-limit votes, he now has the right to undo them? These are rich men toying with the purchase of the public will. Never has the city seemed so nakedly for sale."

And Bloomberg's Post doesn't see any personal gain here? Newday gets the final word: "It's been said before that we are a country of laws, not men. It's time to stand down, Mr. Mayor