Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bye Bye Biaz?

According to the West Bronx blog (via Liz B), there will be at least two contested council races in the Bronx: "Many local insurgent candidates launched Web sites and have been fundraising for months. Now faced with the probability of facing well-financed, well-known incumbents, candidates are reassessing their campaigns. A couple have already dropped out or signaled their intention to do so. But after surveying the post-term limits political landscape in the 11th and 14th Council districts, it appears most candidates have not been cowed, meaning some spirited and competitive races may be coming next fall."

While we think that challenging long time Riverdaler Ollie Koppell will be formidable indeed, Maria Ausente Biaz is another story altogether: "In the 14th District (Mount Hope, University Heights and Kingsbridge Heights), none of Maria Baez’s previously announced opponents seem scared off by the prospect of facing the incumbent." Nor should they, considering the fact that the evanescent Biaz is never around enough to establish any sold presence.

We did, however, get a kick out of the Biaz comments: "Baez told the Mount Hope Monitor recently that she will run again and that the term limits extension will “give an opportunity for members like myself to finish projects.” What it will do, if she ever did serve three terms, would be to enable the tardy Biaz to actually get the chance to serve two full terms.