Thursday, August 07, 2008

Taxing Restraint

In the latest Q Poll, a majority of New Yorkers would rather cut than tax. According to the NY Sun: "Fifty-six percent of voters surveyed said they would prefer cutting services, with 32% saying they would rather raise taxes. Eighty-two percent of Republicans surveyed said they would rather cut services than raise taxes. Thirty-eight percent of Democrats said they would prefer that route to balance the budget."

Let's start by going after the revenue that will spare the state this Hobson's choice-Indian cigarette tax monies that are going uncollected. Why not poll on this topic and see where New Yorkers would stand on the failure of our governors to enforce duly passed laws.


The NY Sun also has this about Indian cigarette tax revenues: "Said a Republican senator of Brooklyn, Martin Golden: "Before you cut money from schools, you want to get the tax dollars from the Indian reservations, that's for sure." By law, New York can collect such taxes on cigarette sales to non-Indians, but the state has chosen not to enforce it." Golden is right on about this issue.