Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Hey, What's Up Doctoroff?"

So, has Dan Doctoroff actually left government? Apparently not, since Eliot Brown's FOIL request to get info on the Deput'y communications with the city was turned down-and get the reasons why: "Back in May, we did a Freedom of Information request that normally allows the public access to e-mails and other correspondence between public officials and outside parties. But now the city's counsel has denied our FOIL request, saying that every e-mail we requested (between Mr. Doctoroff and Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, and a set of other city officials) has been withheld under one of two exemptions: the e-mails represent an invasion of privacy, or are "inter-agency and intra-agency materials."

This is just one additional example of the way in which Deputy Dan, clearly the most self-serving and crony accommodating deputy mayor in recent memory, is treated with a different set of rules than most others. Isn't it time for the rest of the press to, well, press this issue?

We know that Ray Rivera at the Times has looked into the Doctoroff phenomenon; but the depth of the manner in which the Deputy serves needs further exploration. We already know the extent to which Big Dan has made EDC into a wholly owned subsidiary of the Related Company. What else is he still up to? Inquiring minds want to know.