Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Great Minds..."

Picking up on our commentary about the Bloomberg term limits charade, Newsday's Dan Janison (via Azi) blogs the following: "The latest less-than-subtle mark of the increasingly-far-fetched keep-Bloomberg-relevant campaign -- brought to you by his highly-compensated spin butlers -- comes in today's New York Sun, where a story states "The city's leading champion of term limits is privately signaling a new openness to a third term for Mayor Bloomberg," which of course goes against the two-term-limit law that the mayor has repeatedly said should not be changed."

Of course, as we have said and Janison avers, there's nothing to this except what it reveals about the sycophancy of some of NYC's wealthiest toadies: "Similar stories elsewhere have already made Bloomberg the next president, the next New York governor, and the next vice-president. Hizzoner is many things, but he is none of those. And he is leaving office at the end of next year, and there will be an election -- no matter how uncomfortable it makes certain members of the municipal oligarchy."

We love it-"spin butlers," and "municipal oligarchy." It's one of the reasons we loved Dan down at City Hall; and let's not forget that he coined the term "patricianage," to portray the way the Bloombergistas deeded over much of the city to Roth and Ross of Vornado and Related.