Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Markowitz Musings

The City Room Blog reinforces our point about the Markowitz endorsement of the term limits extension. In Marty's own words-seconding Mayor Mike's efforts in this self promotional campaign: "The Brooklyn Borough president, Marty Markowitz, said on Monday that he applauds any effort Mr. Bloomberg might undertake to extend the limit that an elected official could remain in municipal office, to three terms from two. “I support him – very selfishly, I might add,” said Mr. Markowitz, a Democrat, in an interview following a press conference..."

Couldn't have said it better-or more honestly-ourselves. Which is in refreshing contrast to the mayor's own slithering. As City Room points out: "In recent weeks, Mr. Bloomberg has had confidential conversations with newspaper publishers in New York to inquire about their views on extending term limits. In the past, Mr. Bloomberg has voiced intense opposition to making any changes in the city’s term limit laws, which restrict citywide elected officials and members of the City Council to two consecutive terms in office."

So, when faced with his own political demise, Mayor Mike metamorphasizes into just another pol looking to hang on to power. It underscores what we've said before; Bloomberg has been, and continues to be, a real champion of one major special interest-self-aggrandizement.