Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax and Offend

It now appears as if the mayor believes that he had no choice in his sneak attax on NYC tax payers. According to the NY Post: "We have to pay the bills," Bloomberg said. "New York City must balance the budget on a cash basis by the end of the year, unlike Albany or Washington."

So what. That does not mean that you take a tax measure scheduled to sunset in June and sneak its extension through the state legislature. It doesn't mean that you don't examine the spending side of the ledger to see if you can do without some of the government programs and activities that may now be seen as too expensive given the revenue reductions ahead.

That kind of reasoning, however, would presuppose a mayor who actually believed that a leaner government apparatus was good for tax payers and the economy. Not Mayor Mike; clearly he doesn't spell relief as lower taxes, and views these levies as the price of all of the necessary services that good New Yorkers absolutely have to have. Give us a break from this form of rich man's burden.