Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fostering Doubt

Liz has an interesting item on the Daily Politics blog today about Helen Foster, the absent council member who would have been the 21st negative vote against the congestion tax: "Foster, who is considering a run for Bronx borough president in 2009, told Danis that she would have "definitely voted no," adding: " I was definitely against congestion pricing. I have always been against congestion pricing." Foster added she finds it “pretty interesting” that when the vote for a new Yankee Stadium came up, she didn’t hear City Hall worrying about air quality and traffic congestion."

Which is exactly what we've been saying all along about the total hypocrisy of those who have been promoting the congestion tax in order to help the poor Black and Latino kids in areas such as the South Bronx. As Foster points out, the concern with air quality is certainly selective-and we would add to this the fact that the Gateway Mall, supported by all of the same folks who're bringing us the congestion tax, will generate an additional 125,000 cars and trucks a week right along what's known as "Asthma Alley." And by the way, Foster voted against that congester as well.