Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Hour at DOH

With the restaurant industry getting a stay in order to appeal the Judge Holwell decision on calorie posting, leave it to the Department of Health to give us a good laugh. Here, in the NY Sun, is the city's response to the appeal: “Each month its implementation is delayed, another 10 million meals are served at chain restaurants in New York City without point of purchase calorie information, further worsening the obesity epidemic and its related health risks...”

Leave it to the DOH to allege, with absolutely no evidence, that their regulation is crucial for the fight against obesity. Last we looked the Department's "study" was rejected by the CDC' Morbity and Mortality journal. Here's what we obseved a few weeks ago: ""City health officials ran into difficulties at the end of last year when they tried to get the report published. The editor at the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, published by the CDC, wrote in an e-mail message to Dr. Frieden that the “conclusions being drawn by the study, are of course, problematic.”