Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mayor's Shotgun Wedding with Wal-Mart

As Liz is reporting the UFCW's Local 1500 has taken umbrage at the gun deal that the mayor has struck with our favorite retailer. As the union's press release, posted on the blog, points out: "If the Mayor is able to exert this type of influence over Wal-mart on gun control, imagine his ability to get them to start doing the right thing on dozens of other issues that are affecting hundreds of thousands of their workers every day, as well as others affected by their irresponsible business practices...”

Frankly we're thrilled to see that the mayor's got his negotiating mojo back; and the deal that he struck is sure to mean that, in the future, the mayor will be less likely to shoot himself in the foot. We also are sure that the prospects of the Walmonster in NYC are as good as, well, the chances that the mayor will be able to rid the streets of illegal weapons.