Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pontificating Without a License

The DMI is at it again, this time in a blog post on the drivergate scandal. It seems that the resident blogger in question feels that the current imbrolio, one that has helped the governor's approval rate to plummet, is a Republican scam: "What we’re really seeing here is a partisan mudslinging contest between Governor Spitzer and Senate Republicans, who it appears are miffed that Spitzer has reveled in legislative sparring with them over the past 9 months and didn’t ask them first before coming out with his policy. There is such a cesspool of faulty logic, political pandering, and anti-immigrant invective here..."

Oh really? So the 52% or so of the Democrats who oppose Spitzer's license plan are what-brainwashed by the great right wing conspiracy. What's disturbing here is the complete absence of any recognition that the proliferation of illegals is a public safety nightmare-whether we talk about terrorism or simply the heinous criminality that cut down three kids in Newark, and Mary Nagle (raped and killed in New City).

What the Drum Majors and Majorettes don't acknowledge is the fact that they don't care about protecting the borders of this country, even in an era of terrorism. If the Democratic Part doesn't wise up on this issue, we'll all suffer egregiously in the near future.