Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nativists Unite!

The effort to tarnish opponents of illegal immigration continues unabated, even as the general public (as well as more county clerks) continues to reject the policies and philosophical rationales of the open border crowd. The latest missive, courtesy of the DMI again, now refers to people who see the governor's drivers license plan as misguided-as nativists!

Memo to DMI: when you find yourself in a whole, just stop digging. If you keep up this kind of advocacy, and the Republican party is able to effectively pin the tail on the alien, it will lead the New York State Democratic party to defeat in 2008. Already the legislators in the suburban ring are heading for the hills to distance themselves from the governor on this hot button issue. As L.I. Assembly member Pat Eddington told Newsday (courtesy of Liz):“I am adamantly and vehemently opposed to licensing undocumented people."

But the drum beat in favor of the plan continues in spite of the polls that show that the folks aren't buying the arguments. In a post yesterday on its website the demonization of opponents of the plan follows the typical malignant progressive trope: "A recent New York Times editorial lays out the arguments for why this needs to happen rather than the country descending into Lou Dobbs hysteria (thank goodness his show got pushed into a later time slot – my ears and eyes have been hurting for a long time from his knee-jerk nativism)."

The best comment in the post, however, referred to the utility of embracing the illegals because; " Hello healthy birthrate sustaining the American economy after immigrants come to the US!" Now the US birthrate is healthy when viewed from the standpoint of citizens alone, unlike Eurpoe where Arab immigrant populations will metastasize to the eventual extinction of Western liberal democracy.

The day that the US has to open its borders in order to sustain population growth will be the day that America as we know it will have demised-something that the advocates of the rights of "immigrants without status" (where would these folks be without euphemisms?) are looking forward to. What the advocates can't seem to do, aside from uttering the word "illegal," is to support any form of enforcement policy that will stem the illegal immigration tide-or admit that a country that can't protect the sanctity of its own borders no longer has any sovereignty.

And so it goes with the Drum Majors. Here's their money quote:"It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that local communities are going to have to develop their own practical approaches to immigration policy and make sure they trickle up to the feds, who remain more obsessed with border fencing than with figuring out how to see immigrants (particularly undocumented ones) as important economic contributors and vital parts of our community."

And the Drummers remain more obsessed with handing out bennies to everyone who violates the country's borders than they are with honoring the laws of this country and protecting American citizens. In fact, any one who sees security-whether from foreign or domestic enemies-as important can count on being maligned as a racist or nativist.

And notice how they use the phrase, "obsessed with border fencing." It reveals the basic dishonesty of the open border position, because it intentionally obscures the fact that the Drummers of this world will oppose almost any enforcement measure that would potentially be effective; while giving lip-service to some ideas in this area that are unlikely to do much to stem the illegal tide.

Which brings us to the efficacy of the vaunted Spitzer license review mechanism. As the Times Union revealed yesterday, the equipment don't work that well: "Counterfeit documents have been getting through scanning machines that the Department of Motor Vehicles plans to use under Gov. Eliot Spitzer's plan to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, according to a state government source familiar with the performance of the machines."

This won't really bother the advocates much, because they really don't give a hoot about documenting these illegals with any degree of effectiveness-except when it comes time to awarding government services; then there's great effort expended to insure that one and all feed at the public trough. It seems that they will go to any lengths to obfuscate the opposition's position on illegal immigration, characterizing it as the epitome of an obscurantism that they invidiously juxtapose against their own enlightenment.