Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mike's Busman's Horrorday

Mike Bloomberg went to Europe on a "busman's holiday," and ended up riding a bus with Ken the Red Livingston-in what became an unintended Mastercard moment. While in London Bloomberg inveighed against the profligacy of conservatives who run up big budget deficits. Who's writing his scripts?

In the first place, as the NY Post points out in its editorial this morning, the mayor needs to "heal himself" before casting aspersions at others. As the paper says: "Look who's calling whom a spendthrift: Mayor Mike - who's presided over the biggest jumps in city outlays in decades, much of it paid for with plastic - says President Bush and other conservatives in Washington are nuts for spending so much and running deficits."

This is a case of "Luxury Product" Mike calling the kettle gold. Here's a mayor who doesn't understand a thing about streamlining government and reinventing service delivery-and someone who will tax New Yorkers because he claims that they badly want the services that the city offers. And don't forget Bloomberg has said that NYC's municipal hospitals are better than those in the private sector-just don't hold your breathe waiting for Mike to check into Metropolitan any time soon.

And now Bloomberg is riding a bus in London with the despicable Ken Livingston just so he can hawk another new tax on New Yorkers-the congestion "fee." Let's not forget that London has already raised its fee and drivers are now paying around $20 a trip for the privilege of entering the city. It says a lot about the mayor that he's willing to play footsie with an anti-Semite, Islamo-fascist-loving Communist as long as it's promoting the interests of one Mike Bloomberg. Can't imagine Rudy riding a bus with Red Ken-maybe throwing him under one.

So Bloomberg is once again trying to-chameleon-like-change his political coloration by hypocritically going after free spending conservatives. As the Post points out, however: "But his own budget-bloating - and credit-card abuse - is a big problem for New Yorkers, too.
Before he spends another dime on anything else, we know exactly what Hizzoner needs to buy: a mirror."