Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In his latest column, cited by Azi, former mayor Ed Koch warns of the political danger for anyone who supports the issuuance of drivers licenses to illegal immigrants: "If a general election were held today for the office of Governor, or in 2010, when it will, in fact, be held, any candidate who supports the granting of drivers licenses to illegal aliens would, I believe, go down to defeat."

With an already dwindling supply of political capital, we believe that the governor was ill-advised to jump on this hot potato. And the early signs seem to demonstrate this. As Liz points out in her Daily Politics blog yesterday, it looks as if the license issue may harbinger the defeat of the Democratic candidate for county executive.

We'll see how all of this plays out, but if the issue lingers well into the new year, it can only benefit the state's Republicans in the Senate, who are hanging onto their majority for dear life. And it will do Hillary no good at all, and we believe she will duck this one, or oppose it outright-it's aloser issue both locally as well as nationally.