Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Whistleblower Hero: Nadler Reconsiders

In today's NY Sun the paper's Russell Berman reports that Congressman Jerry Nadler, who originally voted against the King amendment, has now changed his position and will support the measure. As he told the Sun, "We want to encourage people to reprt what they think is suspicious..."

It turns out that the King motion to recommit, which led up to the passage of the amendment, was voted on part lines according to Naddler. Yet that doesn't explain why the bill was able to pass overwhelmingly in the Democrat-controlled House. In any case, the Nadler switch is good news, and hopefully is a harbinger of what the Senate will decide to do once the bill reaches it.

Sometime soon we hope, since the events over in New Jersey are a stark reminder of the threat that we are still living under. It is the kind of threat that demands citizen vigilance; and we were lucky that a Kinko's clerk was just that in the Garden State, because it was his alertness, as US Attorney Christopher Christie points out, that led to the successful foiling of this terror plot. As Christie told the News, "He deserves a lot of credit for coming forward and doing the right thing."