Monday, May 28, 2007


The NY Times weighs in on the Alternative Minimum Tax and finds, somewhat surprisingly, that the tax may be unfair. But before anyone gets carried away by the spectacle of the Times being opposed to a tax, any tax, it is essential to point out that the paper didn't stop at simply inveighing against the AMT as "unfair."

True to their ideological roots the Times goes on to say, "True reform must lift the alternative-tax burden from wrongly afflicted tax payers while enacting a fair way to raise tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue that will be foregone." Of course there is no mention of reducing the size of government so that the foregone tax money can simply be returned to the tax payers without the imposition of a new burden on the Times favorite bogeyman: "millionaires." Especially those who are, "among the biggest beneficiaries, by far, of the Bush-era tax cuts."

Now admittedly, we're not tax experts, but we can see pretty clearly that the Bush-era tax cuts have benefited quite a few Americans besides the objects of the Times' scorn. Put simply, the US economy is soaring, and a great deal of the credit should go to the tax cutting by the Bush administration. In fact, we see European countries like France looking to emulate Washington, having seen first hand the devastation that follows the implementation of tax policies favored by the Times.