Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taxing Our Patience

Yesterday we posted a commentary on the NY Times' opposition to the AMT. In it we pointed out that the paper, far from becoming noveau tax cutters, was simply looking for a more effective method to get hold of your hard earned money. They found it in a four percent increase on folks earning more than $1000,000 (singly) or $200,000 (as a couple).

In today's NY Sun, the paper editorializes on the tax raising proclivities of the Times and points out that, "In other words, the Times doesn't simply want to undo the Bush tax cuts-it wants to ratchet up taxes on higher-income Americans even higher than they were during the Clinton administration."

All of which leads the Sun to ask, if the NY Times is so hell-bent on taking more money from us in the form of taxes then, "what is holding the paper's owners back from returning the tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks they sought and received from the city and state to build a new headquarters building..?" The reason they're holding on to the dough? The same reason why liberal integrity is an oxymoron-all the way fro Martha's Vineyard to the Hampton's.