Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Congestion Pricing

On Wednesday, May, 23rd, a diverse group of small business and retail leaders will hold a press conference to announce their opposition to the congestion pricing tax feature of PlaNYC. As Crain's In$ider reports this morning, the plan's congestion pricing component is making it more difficult to get past Albany's legislative scrutiny.

One senior Democrat told Crain's that, "He's going to have trouble with the pricing piece." The trouble stems from the fact that congestion pricing has not been fully thought through, something that will be emphasized at tomorrow's press event.

Where: Food Emporium – 405 East 59th Street

Time: 12 Noon

Check out the press release for more information.

Here's a list of attending groups and their representatives:

1. Richard Lipsky- Neighborhood Retail Alliance;
2. Rob Bookman-New York Night Life Association;
3. Dave Rabin-NYNA;
4. Jose Fernandez-Bodega Association;
5. Alfredo Placeras-NYS Federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce;
6. Louis Nunez-Latino Restaurant Association;
7. Chuck Hunt-NYS Restaurant Association;
8. Mitch Klein-Krasdale Foods;
9. Charlie Yim-SKI Beverages;
10. Marlen Lugones-Independent Beer Wholesalers;
11. Pat Purcell-United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1500;
12. Mike Mareno-United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 342;
13. Morton Sloan-MortonWilliams Associated;
14. Nevil Reid-Food Emporium;
15. Steve Barrison-Small Business Congress;
16. Sung Soo Kim-SBC