Friday, June 30, 2006

Whose Community?

Hats off to the Riverdale Review (and to our friends at Save Our Parks for calling attention to the piece), for its commentary about the actions of BP Carrion in regards to the galling nerve of CB #4 to actually attempt to represent the community's interest. As we have said before, Carrion has done us all a public service by disabusing us of the idea that these boards are actually in place to live up to their name.

All kidding aside, the sacking of the board raises a number of serious issues that relate to the integrity of the ULURP process. Also being questioned here is the competency of Carrion to be a mayoral candidate in 2009. As the Review said, "If Carrion cannot deal with a little difference of opinion over one issue in the Bronx, how could he ever govern an entire city with eight million points of view?