Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dropping the Baldor

According to Crain's the city is going to have to re-open its bidding process for a 15 acre site that EDC had all but earmarked for Baldor's Specialty Foods. In her ruling Judge Lucy Billings had found that the bid process had been "skewed" and proceeded to annul the agreement.

What Billings also found was that the city had "failed to disclose a central criterion on which [it] intended to base its lease award..." In addition the judge agreed with the Hunts Point Produce Cooperative that the city had steered the site to Baldors because of its desire to help the city with its BTM relocation effort. Here's the judge's money quote:

"Although respondents denied communications about this objective, contradictions in the evidence, both related and unrelated to this precise issue, make those denials incredible"