Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Astroturf Plantation

Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse for the DDD group that has been fighting the AY development, it did. The group's trusty leader, Daniel Goldstein, accused the various supporters of the development ("plundering astroturf groups") of fronting for their "white masters."

There are a number of legitimate reasons for neighborhood groups in and around the development to oppose the project. There are also some good reasons for the groups that support the project to feel that, on balance, AY is a good thing for Brooklyn and the city. We've also stated our support the project and have done so by acknowledging the paid role of Richard Lipsky.

The Alliance has spent the better part of three decades opposing much of the mega-development in this city. We have done so generally on behalf of small businesses and the communities they're located in. When RL was approached on the AY development there was a great deal of analysis and some degree of soul searching before the decision to support was made.

Part of what made the decision easier was the variety, quantity, and quality of the groups and individuals that signed on to support the project. Given these supporters it is quite sad to see Mr. Goldstein resort to the language of slavery to demonize the likes of Bertha Lewis, Al Sharpton and Herbert Daughtry. The fact that he is holding a losing hand doesn't excuse the intemperate remarks.