Monday, June 19, 2006

Shuffle Board in the Bronx

In today's NY Times the paper gets around to the controversy surrounding the cashiering of many of the members of CB #4 in the Bronx by BP Carrion. One member, housing and land use chair Mary Blasingame, was one of the most concerned and conscientious community board members we've ever met. This is all about political payback. The BP was embarrassed by the board members he had appointed and he wasn't going to sit still for that.

Put simply the Yankees plan was no good for the High Bridge community and the board knew that. AC didn't give a rat's ass because he has his sights set on bigger things, something which a new ball park will help him achieve.

As the Times points out this was the second time that the BP had shafted this local community. "In February, several board members said a community benefits agreement negotiated by Mr. Carrion with the Related Companies for a new shopping mall at the site of the Bronx Terminal Market had shortchanged Bronx residents."

Whether this all comes back to haunt Carrion remains to be seen. One local resident is circulating a critical letter concerning Adolfo's failure to reappoint community-minded board members. AS Maria Simmons told the Times, "Don't play with people who put their trust in you."