Monday, May 22, 2006

Wal-Mart Warning for Monsey

In new study done by Stephan Goetz of Penn State University on the correlation between Walmartization and poverty rates (posted on Wal-MartWatch) there is one observation that is particularly germane for the good people of Monsey, New York. It is the impact of the displacement of local businesses by the Walmonster.

Here is the money quote: "In conclusion, the costs to communities in terms of labor replacement and higher poverty need to be weighed against the benefits of lower prices and greater shopping convenience. Similarly, once local businesses have been driven out, the possibilities of monopolies or ologopolies emerging in retailing...needs to be considered carefully by public policymakers." (emphasis added)

This is a message we've been sending to the good people of Monsey, a community where there is a high level of entrepreneurship that is important to the maintainance and support of communal institutions. The cost of the displacement of these local retailers must be weighed very carefully.