Monday, May 01, 2006

Kickin' Wal-Mart's Booty Capitalists

It seems that are warnings about Wal-Mart and the booty capitalists are right on the money. Over the weekend in Albany at the "Somos El Futuro" conference a so-called coalition of Hispanic business groups underwrote a reception for lawmakers. The group, "Coalition of Statewide Hispanic Chambers of Commerce" unlike its name implies, is actually a Wal-Mart front.

The real group that represents Hispanic business interests in the state is called, "New York State Federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce." As Al Placeras, the Federation's president said in an e-mail sent out to DC 37 and to his many other supporters, "We have an expression for this flim flam in Spanish. 'Yo conosco bacalao, aunque venga disfraso.'"

Placeras has asked the union for help in exposing this sham and we are calling on all of our friends in the labor movement, as well as in the anti-Wal-Mart coalition, to join with the Federation in doing so. The booty capitalists need to exposed pronto!