Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Moynihan Station

In yesterday's NY Times editorial the paper more or less kvells over the design for the new Moynihan Station. For those of you who aren't Yiddish speakers this means that they really like the plans to create a new modern train station on Eighth Avenue.

They do, however, make one interesting observation on the development that bears repeating. They point out that the original proposal, "a grand public plan with a minor private component" has been transformed into "an enormous private development with a significant public component."

What this means is that the two developers, our favorite real estate companies-Related and Vornado-will be getting an "extraordinary boon" (along with previous persona non grata at City Hall, James Dolan of MSG). Isn't it quite interesting how these two firms seem to have a monopoly on merit when it comes to Deputy Dan Doctoroff and ESDC?

Which brings us to the competition over the Willets Point development. We've already observed that Vornado has pulled out, but isn't it possible that they've removed themselves temporarily only to resurface later as partners with the folks at Related? When does the clamor for integrity in government extend to the fiefdom of EDC?