Monday, May 08, 2006

Tribal Truth

In what has to be a not to be believed situation, the New York State's Indian tribes are "fuming" over the recently filed lawsuit by the convenience store association. The suit would force the governor to actually enforce the law on collecting taxes on all retail outlets that sell cigarettes.

According to a report in today's NY Post Lance Gumbs, a smoke shop owner and member of the Shinnecock Indian nation on Long Island, says that the suit, if successful, would put the tribal shop out of business. "We would shut down" he said; "If our cigarettes are taxed, people will have no incentive to come here, and will go to 7-Eleven."

Well gee whiz! You mean that the folks aren't flocking to the tribal outlets because of their marketing expertise? It seems that the level playing field is exactly what the tribes are afraid of. That shouldn't be any reason for insulating them from the law.