Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Second Time's a Charm for TWU

It appears that the leadership of TWU Local 100 has finally gotten the contract vote that it sought two months ago. According to NY 1 the rank-and-file has overwhelming "ratified" (71% in favor) the contract that was narrowly defeated in January. Toussaint, speaking on the station last evening, said that he believes that the "MTA should honor the earlier offer.

What to make of the turn-around? Toussaint blamed the media and "membership confusion" for the failure to ratify the contract the first time. Maybe so, or perhaps it was the realization that, given the union's missteps, it would be unrealistic for the workers to think that they could get anything better at this time. In any case, as the NY Times reports this morning, this all sets up a showdown next week when the MYA board meets

Whatever happens, however, the entire fiasco and the union's handling of it will be hashed out in an election later this year when Roger will undoubtedly present himself as a martyred warrior for his members. He'd better hope that the membership doesn't become confused a second time.