Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Philadelphia Fines Business for Not Using Disposer

As we’ve mentioned the City of Philadelphia mandates that commercial establishments dispose of their organic waste via food waste disposers. Contrary to the opinions of certain New York City administrators, officials in Philly’s Water, Health and Streets departments all believe that it is a public health benefit to remove fetid, rat-attracting waste from dumpsters and instead pump it into the sewer system.

In fact, after a recent complaint, the Philadelphia Health Department handed out a citation to a butcher not using a disposer. According to the Philadelphia Weekly:
An enforcement officer cited Chestnut Farms butcher shop for tossing out slabs of meat (the health code requires that food waste be ground up and thrown down a garbage disposal). The butcher shop wasn't fined, but simply told to change its practices. "That's typically how we handle violations," says department spokesperson Jeff Moran.
As Intro 133 continues to garner support we hope that Councilmembers and the DEP take into account Philadelphia’s model.