Saturday, April 15, 2006

Schism in Queens?

There appears to be some internal bickering in the Queens council delegation over the possible CBA with the New York Mets. As Newsday and Metro reported last week, some of the members who don't represent the immediate neighborhoods feel that the Mets have been "good neighbors" and don't feel that the team should be asked to do what the Yankees have pledged to do in the Bronx.

Clearly, Hiram Monserrate, the member who represents the immediate local are around the stadium feels differently, as does Tony Avella from College Point and John Liu from Flushing. In fact, Monserrate has called on the IRS to investigate whether it is legal for the city to use tax exempt bonds to fund the stadium construction. Earlier last week the city's Independent Budget Office had called this form of financing a "very aggressive interpretation" of the law.

According to our sources there are negotiations going on between the speaker's office and the Mets. Hopefully something can be worked out to benefit the kids of Queens. The tax breaks alone justify the aggressiveness of Monserrate and company.