Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Grinder Pilot Potential

As The Crain's Insider is reporting today Councilman Jim Gennaro, despite the fact that 36 of his colleagues have signed on as supporters (Tony Avella being the latest), has told the newsletter that he and DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd are forming a "truth squad to fight gains made by lobbyists for commercial waste disposals." According to the Insider's Anne Michaud, however, it appears that someone forgot to tell Lloyd.

When the DEP was asked for comment on the councilmember's squadron a department spokesperson said "that Lloyd was looking into the science behind the disposals and has not ruled out a pilot program." This, if true, is indeed good news for the Alliance and its allies in the food industry who have been fighting for such a pilot for over three years. It also makes sense since Lloyd had been a supporter of disposers in the early nineties when she was the city's sanitation commissioner.

All of which sets the stage for the presentation next week by Dr. Robert Ham, arguably the world's foremost expert on food waste disposers. The Alliance is bringing in the professor to brief councilmembers on the science and economic soundness of disposers. Given the DEP's position, we will now look to extend Ham's briefing to the DEP and its staff.