Friday, January 13, 2006

Relocation for the Merchants

As we have already discussed, talks are underway to move the BTM merchants to the "Velodrome" site that abuts the proposed Gateway Mall location on 149th Street. In today's Insider, Crain's is reporting that the merchants are "optimistic about the proposal." EDC admitted that it was in "discussions over the site but declined to comment further."

All of which is promising but as the Related Company says, while the Cohen idea is "an interesting concept" there is no "plan" to respond to yet. This means that the Bronx council delegation needs to galvanize its support for the proposal and help to make sure that it happens. To a person, the council members have all offered their rhetorical support for the market businesses. Now that needs to be translated into tangible help.

In the Crain's story it is suggested that the acceptance of a relocation plan would "pave the way for City Council approval of the Gateway Center shopping complex..." Well we don't know about paving the way, after all the tenancy issues are the project's real third rail, but solving the fate of the BTM vendors would be a big step in the right direction.