Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quinn Rises, Sun Sets

In an editorial in today's NY Sun the paper suggests that the accession of Chris Quinn to the position of speaker is a hopeful sign that, unlike her predecessor, there will be a more cooperative relationship between the mayor and the Council. But, as we have been saying, it isn't so much about cooperation as it is about the creation of a really effective legislature.

Despite what the city's editorial pages would like us all to believe, Mike Bloomberg (while certainly a quick study) is definitely no creative policy maven. The challenges that the city faces demand some creative new approaches and we believe that this is precisely the kind of opportunity that Quinn and the Council will respond to.

In addition, the mayor's main failing is his lack of concern, or any attachment for that matter, for the city's neighborhoods and the small businesses that undergird their vitality. This is something that we know Speaker Quinn has, and we're optimistic that it will stimulate a good deal of creative tension that is politically healthy.