Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fostering Hope

If Bronx council member Helen Foster has her way the entire Gateway project will not have smooth sailing in its last stage of ULURP review. As Dave Lombino reports in the Sun today Foster called Judge Cahn's decision "unfortunate." She also predicted that the development would face "scrutiny" from the Bronx council delegation.

In doing so Foster continues in her courageous championing of the rights of the BTM merchants; "'Until there is some effort to place the merchants all together that is feasible and makes this a win-win situation for the merchants, the community and the owners, I don't see it going through land use without some bumps and bruises.'"

Foster is also representing the interests of her community and the evidence that is piling up that there is widespread disaffection among a wide array of influential neighborhood groups. As we shall soon see, the CBA Task Force that was set up by the Bronx BP is about to implode, and with it any semblance that this Gateway project has any real community support.